• Ponte da Barca

    Ponte da Barca, R. Rio Lima, Ponte da Barca, Portugal .

    Ponte da Barca is a municipality in the district of Viana do Castelo, in Portugal. The population in 2021 was 11,049 inhabitants, in an area of 182.11 km². Considered World Biosphere Heritage by UNESCO, this village that many call "a paradise in the interior of Alto Minho", is a destination to discover for those who appreciate the rural environment.
    In a place where rivers slide down the mountains and trees are positioned in the valleys, nature is the main attraction for those who live here, but also for those who visit us.

    Driven by gastronomy, tradition and foclore, climate and landscapes, Ponte da Barca asserts itself as the future of Tourism in Portugal.
    Come visit Ponte da Barca with us!  

  • Pelourinho de Ponte da Barca

    R. Maria Lopes da Costa 9, 4980-614 Pte. da Barca, Portugal .

    The "Pelourinho" is located in the village of Ponte da Barca, around 100 meters from our hotel.
    It was originally raised in Largo da Misericórdia, in the center of town, next to the Hall.
    In the 20th century it was moved to the so-called "Jardim dos Poetas", next to a porch on an arcade of 1752 that served as an establishment for market traders.
    It has been classified as a national Monument since 1910.

  • Mosteiro de Bravães

    Mosteiro, Ponte da Barca, Portugal .

    The Church of São Salvador is a Romanesque era Portuguese religious building, located in the parish of Bravães, municipality of Ponte da Barca, in the northern Portuguese district of Viana do Castelo.

    Ferreira de Almeida stated that "there is no building among us where the characteristics of our rural Romanesque are more vibrantly evident, or where it is more eloquently shown how and when this style was taken on and regionalized by our "masters" and stonemasons".
    It has been classified as a National Monument since June 23, 1910, by Decree of 16-06-1910, DG n.º 136, de 23-06-1910.

  • Castelo de Lindoso

    Lugar do Castelo - Lindoso .

    The Castle of Lindoso is located in the parish of Lindoso, municipality of Ponte da Barca.
    Built close to Spanish territory, in a dominant position in "Serra  Amarela"  range, on the left bank of the "Rio Lima", this castle was built from scratch in the Middle Ages as a lookout, defense and sovereignty mark of the border. Although it has not been involved in major battles or episodes of military history, it is considered to be one of the most important Portuguese military monuments, for the technical and architectural novelties it tested, at the time, in the country.

  • Central Hidroelétrica de Paradamonte

    Paradamonte, Ponte da Barca, Portugal .

    The hydroelectric power plant was built in the beginning of the 20th century, and started operating in 1922, at the hands of "Electra del Lima", a Luso-Castilian consortium. It produced electricity for public and private supply to the cities of Braga, Porto and Gaia, having had, therefore, a central importance in the urban and industrial development of the North of Portugal. It was replaced by the current Alto Lindoso's Dam and is owned by "EDP". It is the largest example of industrial archeology in the municipality. The place of Paradamonte, in the parish of Britelo, was also used as a base camp during the construction of the Alto Lindoso's Dam, so it is possible to see, on site, numerous accommodation and service infrastructures built by "EDP", such as a school, an health center, a vacation camp, a guesthouse, and even a concert hall.